Surviving my First Year 💜

November 29, 2019 what a scary morning it was, I had to write my 1st exam for becoming a travel specialist. I had spent the last 6 weeks studying and learning something so new and fresh. I have a long ways to go in learning but this was the first step. I have always had the passion to travel and over the years have been very fortunate to take many trips with my family and friends. The year I turned 50 I felt like I needed more in my life, the kids had grown up and I loved my communications with the public but I wanted to explore more. Time is running out and I believe I have so much more to do and see. Watching my dad battle cancer was one of the toughest things to do, it is so heartbreaking as a man that loved life and loved his family more, was not going to experience all that he wished he could. I do realize we are not here for ever, one day at a time, live today like it was your last and so was then I realized I had to do more. I had to find something and someone that would take a chance on me. I knew Denise Taylor as a travel agent and as a friend at our ladies night at golf. So one day I called her and asked if she had time for coffee, I would like to visit her and ask her a few questions about travel. To my surprise the day she called me to come for coffee that she had so much info and that there was even a chance for me to start working with her. I was so excited that night and just knowing that it was a possibility for me to be a travel advisor, I knew I had made the right decision. These 12 months have been a journey in themselves, a trip I will never forget. The many phone calls, emails, webinars and social media. I am so much more educated of what is out there and what surrounds us. I belong to a great company of supporters that would never let me down. This great lady that I train under Denise Taylor has been an inspiration for me and with her great guidance she has made it very enjoyable. We have shared many ups and downs in this short time. Had anyone told me there was a pandemic coming 3 months after I started, I still would have made the same choices. I met some great people early on and was sorry I couldn't send them on their destination but was so happy to have learned the places. I was searching for holidays to Bali, Bulgaria, England, Mexico, Nova Scotia. There were flights, hotels, tours, transfers & excursions, so much to see and do. I was learning a ton and couldn't be happier. Then one day as I was continuing my studies, we hear about this terrible virus hitting overseas. I remember feeling so bad and listening how quickly it was affecting people and the lives that were being lost. 'It's never going to be here and so grateful we live were we do" I said to myself. My life was on cloud nine I was doing something I love and the excitement of planning a trip for someone was exhilarating. I myself was getting ready for my husband Murray and I to head to our vacation home in Az for the month of April. A total dream we have always wanted to do, drive to Phoenix and spend a whole month. I could work from there and Murray could have some R&R as he had been very busy despite the Oil industry at that time. So as everything started to evolve around us and talks of the virus coming our way and travel being shut down and border being shut down in a matter of days. I couldn't put it all together at the time, as I think I'm a pretty optimistic person. Thinking it was not going to last long and that we would still be heading to AZ maybe not in April but we would still go in May. Things just did not work out as we all planned and time passed us by. So today as I get up and work my regular day in the office and participate in a few Webinars that our suppliers have to offer. I am feeling overwhelmed, grateful, sad, thankful, helpless, Loved, annoyed and most of all I feel Confident. I feel we are riding a storm together but like some of my co-workers say it's the same storm just different boats. We see a bit of a shining light coming our way and we have to be patient and be ready to clear out of the storm and pack our boats for a new ride. Whether you choose to cruise, fly, train or drive we are so ready to get our trip started. We pray for this storm to leave us with perspective, education, Love, admission, strength and hope. We have been through a powerful year and will need the strength and hope to help us continue of what we once had. Life can be very interesting in so many ways and I just hope that this lesson we have been through will help guide our generations to come. Many things in life are not easy and are meant for us to learn. So, as I celebrate my "First year in Travel" I do love what I am doing and will continue to grow in the travel industry. There is so much out there and I am not ready to pass by what we have been given. Take care be safe and have a wonderful Christmas season and may we all be blessed with a New Year and New Beginnings💜

Karla Haygarth

TravelOnly travel specialist